The NAMI Colorado Law Line

The NAMI COLORADO LAW LINE has been serving the Colorado area since 2013. For 6 years, we have been fortunate enough to have a legal team by our side, whereby our volunteer licensed attorneys provide limited free legal information and advice to persons who contact NAMI COLORADO for legal help. Phone calls are 100% confidential, and we are currently theonly state in the country with access to a limited legal help system like this!

 (*Note*) The person contacting NAMI Colorado must be a person living with a mental illness, a family member, or a loved one of that person.

Persons contacting NAMI COLORADO for such legal information and advice are entitled to receive a one time free 15 minute minimum phone consultation with a volunteer attorney. This service is expressly limited to legal consultation and advice by phone only and does not provide any legal representation in court. The 8 areas of specialized Law our attorney's practice are:

 1) Involuntary Civil Commitment

2) Criminal cases

3) Immigration Law

4) Employment Law

5) Trusts, Guardianships, Special Needs Planning, Estate Law
6) Social Security Disability, Medicaid
7) Family Law - (Limited to Denver, Arapahoe, Adams, and Jefferson counties)
8) Special Education Law

Persons seeking legal information in the above areas must contact NAMI COLORADO by phone or 

email and request such information. A NAMI staff member will screen requests and if the 

above criteria are met, will provide the person with the name and phone number of the volunteer attorney 

with special knowledge in one of the above legal arenas.  

Phone:  (303) 321-3104, Monday - Friday from 8-4 pm MST

Upon receiving the volunteer attorney's phone number, it is then the responsibility of the caller to 

contact the attorney by phone. Volunteer attorneys have agreed to return phone calls and provide 

a 15 minute minimum phone consultation within a 48 hour time period, excluding weekends and holidays.