Chances are you know someone with their own story of how mental illness has impacted them, their family members or someone close to them. As a member of the NAMI community, you are part of a movement that is fighting to improve the lives of people who are living with or affected by a mental health condition every day.

People living with mental health conditions have been in desperate need of better treatments for far too long. We need to see treatments advance for mental illness the same way that treatments have improved for other illnesses in recent years. But that will only happen if you support our movement to improve mental health research.

This month, powered by your support, NAMI honored some of the nation’s leading scientists at our annual “Inspiring Hope Through Research” event in Washington, D.C. Here, NAMI recognizes individuals who are conducting ground-breaking research that will improve our understanding of mental illness and provides an honorarium to support their vital work.

Honoring advances in scientific discovery in the mental health field is just one way that NAMI is championing progress that will improve lives. NAMI is leading the way towards solutions to the most pressing concerns for people with mental health conditions by:

Bringing together leaders from every sector to facilitate and accelerate research for better treatments.

Advocating for brain research through the National Institute of Mental Health and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Hosting regular Ask the Expert webinars that provide direct access to doctors and mental health specialists who can speak to critical issues that are affecting the NAMI community.

Keeping the public up to date on the latest research and mental health trends on NAMI.org.

We are counting on your support so NAMI can drive innovation that will improve the lives of people affected by mental illness today, into the next decade and beyond. 

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